Chic n Clique


Chic n Clique closed in July 2015 and we’ve had numerous requests for the projects and tutorials!!

I’m  happy to say we’ve got everything transferred to this new site.

When you purchase the all access pass, you’ll receive access to:

  • 106 Video Tutorials
  • 106  Instruction Sheets (PDF)
  • Lifetime Access
  • Available 24/7

Cost:  $19.95

Previous members of Chic n Clique:   $9.95  
If you were a previous member of Chic n Clique please email Laura ( and she’ll confirm your membership and send you a link for the discounted price.


  1. Hi Angie, can anyone purchase these tutorials?? I am from Australia, I have cased most of what you have posted,and did not know you did this kind of thing Regards Brenda Just xxx

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